NJAPP at the EMS reforms hearing
NJAPP at the Hearing for EMS Reforms
NJAPP at the court house
Court House in Trenton, New Jersey

Advocacy & Initiatives

Through advocacy and initiatives, NJAPP advances EMS standards by addressing issues that may affect an ALS provider’s delivery of high-quality pre-hospital care. By collaborating with legislators and policymakers, we strive to ensure that industry best practices are understood and reflected in EMS-related policies.

NJAPP Helps Pass Historic EMS Reforms into Law

On October 21, 2022, Governor Murphy signed A4107S2768 (Makes various changes concerning the regulation of emergency medical services; establishes mobile integrated health program and new State Emergency Medical Services Director in DOH) into law. The New Jersey Association of Paramedic Programs was actively involved in every step of this legislative process, working closely with bill sponsors and industry stakeholders to craft/amend this critically important legislation.

NJAPP is proud to have played a leading role throughout this legislative process, helping to usher in these long-overdue and much-needed reforms. This legislation elevated New Jersey’s EMS regulatory protocols up to the highest of national standards and created the institutional flexibility needed to provide the highest quality of out-of-hospital care for patients. We are especially thankful and appreciative to Assemblyman Gary Schaer, who led this legislative process with inclusiveness, thoughtfulness, transparency, and in the best interest of patients. We also recognize and thank bill sponsors Senator Joseph Vitale, Senator Robert Singer, Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli, and Assemblyman Herb Conaway – all who helped make this immensely important reform effort a reality.”

~ Mark Bober, NJAPP President

Paramedic Advocacy

Advocacy Through Legislation

NJAPP collaborated with legislators to strengthen New Jersey’s EMS infrastructure. The legislation made significant and much-needed updates to the State’s regulation of emergency medical services, including, but not limited to:

  • Directs the DOH to establish a mobile integrated health program considering relevant national and industry standards.
  • Allows a single paramedic who arrives at the scene of an emergency to begin treatment immediately instead of waiting for a second medic.
  • Creates a new State Emergency Medical Services Medical Director in the Department of Health to oversee clinical issues and implement scope of practice regulations for providers.
  • Requires paramedics to be licensed rather than certified to align with national standards; allows doctors, advanced practice nurses, and physician assistants to serve as crewmembers on mobile intensive care units.
  • Extends good faith immunity to paid EMS agencies to provide parity with volunteers.

Advocating for ALS Providers

The New Jersey Association of Paramedic Programs is committed to advocating for legislative policies to promote efficiency and effectiveness in delivering pre-hospital medical services. Our goal is to increase accountability throughout the industry and ensure that residents of New Jersey have access to the best possible pre-hospital advanced life support care in the event of a medical emergency. NJAPP recognizes the dedication of Advanced Life Support Providers and advocates for their best interests, ensuring that their employment conditions are both fair and safe. We will continue to advocate for policies that promote excellence in EMS care, and we are grateful for the support of our members and bill sponsors in this critical endeavor.

Meet Our Members

NJAPP proudly represents ALS Providers from some of the largest, most accredited NJ hospital networks